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Add colour to your day with Liz Laurie 'Colour Me Shave'

Hi, I am Liz Laurie and welcome to my Colour Me Shave website. Colour Me Shave is the world’s only non foaming shaving gel that retains its colour throughout the shaving process.

Apply Colour Me Shave to dry skin keeping the skin totally hydrated and will soften the bristles prior to the shave,  leaving the skin smooth to the touch yet firm. The consistency of our gel is designed to give a smoother shave and creates a protective barrier to help reduce friction, razor burn and irritation. 

Other shaving gels or foams may come in coloured packaging but the product either comes out white or goes white as soon as it is applied to the skin. Colour Me Shave is a unique product that comes in a range of vibrant and exciting colours which last all the way through the shave. Each colour comes with a unique scent and all give a wonderfully smooth and effective shave.

Colour Me Shave gels are produced in England to the highest clinical standards using natural products including Aloe Vera extract and Witch Hazel. All are dermatologically tested and cosmetically certified.

Shaving is a daily chore for the majority of men. Colour Me Shave changes this chore into an enjoyable and stimulating way to start the day.

Choose a different colour each morning to brighten your day and get it off to an invigorating start. With the Colour Me Shave range of colours and fragrances shaving is now something to look forward to and enjoy.